Alaska, and really the entire trip, were better than I could have possibly imagined. Un road trip au Yukon, c'est l'aventure assurée au pays des Caribous Instead of turning back for Skagway after seeing Emerald Lake, you keep driving to Whitehorse, Yukon. Flickr – Erik Halfacre. If you are going in the summer like most visitors do, the fishing should be great. Cette route panoramique est sans doute la façon la plus spectaculaire de rejoindre l’Alaska depuis le Canada. If you’re planning an Alaska Highway road trip, don’t miss driving the Cassiar Highway—also know as Highway 37 BC—for isolation, scenery and an in-the-middle-of-nowhere vibe. It’s also one of my absolutely favourite road trips. If you are living and loving The Alaska Life – share your adventures with us on our Facebook page HERE, and they might just end up being featured in one of our next blog … An Alaska road trip is a fantastic way to spend a few summer weeks outdoors in the United States. Et bien sûr de se dire : »j’ai fait l’Alaska ! Alaska Highway. Si le Yukon est peu connu, les road trips que l’on peut y faire sont plus que nombreux.. La route de l’Alaska a été nommée en l’honneur des habitants autochtones de la région, les Alyeska. During our Alaska road trip we chose to use a rental car from Alaska 4×4 Rentals They allow all of their vehicles to go on any road in Alaska, including the road to McCarthy. if you only have 4 or 5 days, it isn’t very hard to define the route for your Alaska road trip. By Becky Lomax, author of Moon USA National Parks. But then again, if you’re going to take the ultimate road trip to Alaska, you need to know what you’re doing (and exercise your patience muscles too – this is going to be a long road trip so you better be able to take in reading a long blog post ). Road Trip Social Distancing (quarantine) : Day 14 -16. We described a 10 day Alaska itinerary that includes Anchorage, Seward, Denali National Park, Homer, Glenallen, Kenai, Talkeetna, Fairbanks, and the North Pole. That’s a lot of words. À leur retour de ce périple de 10 mois, ils comptent ouvrir une boutique d'artisanat. Alaska doesn’t have many roads, but what it lacks in quantity is made up for in quality. Majestic, larger-than-life landscapes are just apart of the norm in the Last Frontier. ... We have come a long way since our arrival. Since we wanted to visit Denali national park and we knew it would take us pretty much the whole day to do it properly, the rest was all a matter of simple map check mileage calculator. Time of Year: June – August. The blog post below, on planning the route, is from August 2017. Alaska has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. This road trip takes in the best of southcentral Alaska. Where to Start Your Trip. Timeframe: 6-8 weeks. Alaska is a beautiful but harsh state at times and it is important to be prepared. I cannot tell you how excited I am to start a new category on my blog today--our California to Alaska road trip! By Lisa Maloney, author of Moon Alaska. We have driven on the roads of Alaska for two and a half weeks and traversed over 5,000 miles. Zhanna, the storyteller behind Roads and Destinations is sharing the ultimate weekend in Alaska road trip itinerary!. Be ready to pound down wild miles in this epic road trip that links the three road-accessible national parks in Alaska. I think back to that first trip north to Alaska; the adventures and long days of driving we had to endure. Visitors are often surprised by Alaska's sheer size; many of the major communities on the road system are at least a five- or six-hour drive from the next major town. La dernière étape canadienne est Lower Post, où est installée une communauté d’Amérindiens, mais pour aller jusqu’au bout de ce circuit, il faut atteindre Delta Junction, en Alaska. From Anchorage to Seward, the drive along Alaska’s Seward Highway is a visual buffet of towering mountains, wildlife and sparkling water. Alaska Destinations. The weather can change quickly during your Alaska road trip and can range from sunny to freezing and windy. Road Trip Alaska’s National Parks. The journey will take you to the highlights of the Kenai Peninsula in one week including Whittier, Seward, Kenai, Soldotna, Seward, Homer and more. Starting Location: Glacier National Park, MT (or no further west than Spokane, WA). Alaska Highway, Yukon, un road trip exceptionnel à faire au Canada. The Kenai Peninsula Road Trip is part of a series of posts I’ve put together with one-week road trip itineraries all over Alaska. We drove the road we’ve always wanted to drive: the Dalton Highway, the mostly gravel road that goes to Prudhoe Bay. For us it all had to start and end in Ted Stevens Anchorage airport. Posted June 9, 2020 in Blog Posts. It’s mostly a Going on Alaska Road Trip is a fantastic experience but with the massive size of the state and the rapidly changing weather conditions, proper planning is a must if you want to see the best places to visit in Alaska. I have a bit of a cheat for you. En route à travers des paysages grandioses sur des routes mythiques entre Canada et Alaska. Alaska really feels like the last frontier and the insane beauty of this state; the pine and spruce trees and the taiga forests really do take your breath away. Posted June 11, 2020 in Blog Posts. ROAD TRIPPING: Even though the road system in Alaska is extremely limited the road trip options are bountiful.Get in the car and just drive- sometimes this will lead you to some of the state’s most beautiful places. So, I’ll make it easy for you. First off, you are going to want to watch the weather closely. The Ideal Alaska Road Trip Itinerary. Here’s an example itinerary that we used on our last trip up to Alaska, which was largely exploration of the major areas within the state. Hop in the car, let's go on a fall road trip from Anchorage to Seward, Alaska. Alaska is an amazing destination for a Road trip. Alaska Road Trip Planning Tip: We don’t suggest traveling in April, often called “mud season”, as the snow is melting which in turn makes Alaska hiking trails slushy and roads slippery and wet. Local businesses are also often closed, shifting gears from Alaska winter tours to summer tours. There are hiking trails everywhere in Alaska, so working a hike into your trip should not be difficult. Doesn’t every RV enthusiast dream of an Alaska road trip? I’m so happy that we decided to go for it, and I’d definitely encourage anyone who’s wavering about traveling to pack up and go as well. We drove to Alaska and back in September 2017. If you’re not up for reading over 6,000 words about this road trip through Canada and Alaska, I get it. Half day Fishing trip-The Salmon run lasts between June and the rest of the summer. The Golden Circle includes the Road to Emerald Lake from Skagway through Carcross to Emerald Lake. It seems like no matter where you go in Alaska, the most awe-inspiring natural beauty surrounds you in just about every possible direction. Your blog has great content about Alaska .Wanted some recommendations from you guys : We are visiting Alaska June 30-July 9th , a very short trip to explore the place ,but want to make the best out of it . L’Alaska, c’est un peu le rêve des grands espaces, de la nature, des animaux sauvages, du saumon sauvage qui, petites parenthèses, était délicieux, bien rouge, ferme et d’un goût tellement différent de celui que l’on connaît en France ! This post will mostly focus on an ideal road trip for a short amount of time. We spent a total of three weeks in Alaska on an Alaskan Cruise, then in Anchorage, and finally on a road trip around the Kenai Peninsula.We had originally planned to head up to Denali National Park after our cruise, but after listening to many local recommendations, we decided to change our Alaska road trip to the Kenai Peninsula. ... Well, It’s been a while since my last blog entry. Starting in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, you can turn down this uncrowded route and take in the picturesque snow-capped peaks and remote landscape, all the way up to Delta Junction in southeastern Fairbanks, Alaska. What would an Alaskan road trip be without a journey up to their 1,387-mile namesake highway? You can easily visit the scenic drives in Alaska in 10 days, so to start planning an Alaska road trip … Ending Location: Seattle area, WA. Adeline et Florian ont lancé le projet Alaïa : un road-trip en camper van de l'Alaska à la Patagonie en passant par la route Panaméricaine. We have enjoyed every one of Alaska's amazing destinations.This site is a brief report of our trip. Living one year in south-central Alaska has allotted me to explore some amazing places. Updated 05.01.2019: Are you a baby boomer who likes traveling off-the-beaten-path? Road trip au Canada : Alaska Highway. Example Alaska Road Trip Itinerary: The key is to have an Alaska road trip itinerary that is both flexible and fits within the time frame you allow for the trip. Each of the following road trip ideas showcases Alaska’s natural beauty. During your Alaska road trip, there are some safety tips that are essential to consider. A week or more is enough to drive the entire Alaska Highway. To the top of Alaska, the top of the world. 4 Scenic Alaska Road Trip Ideas. KAYAKING & WHITEWATER RAFTING: From lazy trips into quiet coves to rollercoaster like rapids, Alaska has just about every level of water sports enthusiast covered. Our road trip mascot a known as “maxi-moose” – I wish I could say I came up with that name, but I didn’t! BLOG OUR STORY 1% FOR THE PLANET SUPPORT. Wasilla, Alaska, United States About Blog The Alaska Life was an idea born by Alaskans, for both fellow Alaskans and those that love Alaska. Most rental companies will not allow their vehicles to go on gravel roads or charge an extra fee of $500 or more. » Road trip en Alaska … We believe that your ideal Alaska itinerary should include the following information. Unfortunately, succumbing to popular belief, I thought I would need at least a week to visit the Last Frontier. You might also enjoy The Alaska Life’s ultimate fishing fanatics road trip. CONTACT 360 FILTRATION TECH FAQ GET A CUSTOM QUOTE SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY GIVEAWAY Mizu Mission: Road Trip to Alaska. 5: Road Trip Through Alaska’s Most Treasured Tiny Towns . See our suggested Alaska Itinerary: 7 days through the top attractions in Alaska. This Alaska road trip will lead you through the most treasured tiny towns. … Driving the Cassiar Highway on an Alaska Highway Road Trip. From this small frontier city, you turn westwards toward Alaska… Bobby and I had accomplished so many personal goals, and were lucky to experience many beautiful new places. Make sure to check out the following destinations, if you find yourself road …

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