Park and Kim are not peers, and in that moment Park essentially tells Kim that the employee/employer line is not only strict, but that any sense of solidarity between them cannot exist because he is less than the man who pays him. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Hell, I prefer Snowpiercer more than this, but Memories of Murder is really exceptional movie. Finally, on the idea that the Kim's are too cunning and the Park's too naive, I disagree. Just because I enjoyed the movie and speak to a few certain critiques does not mean that you have to enjoy the movie, only that I feel like certain views were unfounded given the text of the film. I'm reminded of a time that a fast food company put out a potential budget for their full time, minimum wage employees. Winner of the Palme d'Or at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, Parasite shows the extent to which we go to in order to live a comfortable life. The story was interesting but not compelling. Film Parasite bercerita tentang isu sosial di … I’ve been waiting for the hype train to slow down to watch this movie so I could try to go into it without any expectations. In the end, they lost, because of their incompetence. But Parasite might be his most intricate examination of the topic so far. The synopsis is very vague and so is the film, as nothing happens and everything is blown out of proportion and nothing is explained or makes any sense. Yes, there are man issues with the hollywood studio system, but leave Boon Joon Ho out of that conversation. Also, the Park family did not get swindled very hard. Humorous first half turns violent and disgusting. Parasite is a masterful piece of social satire and dark comedy, a scathing portrait of both the upper and lower classes. Let's track his life from the Park family's impending return to the moment in question. He is reduced to a set of keys, and all other things are unimportant. It is part of a character arc where a downtrodden man, one who has had quite the past day, finally loses it and crosses the line. He saw a bigger picture and decided that the goal was worth the journey. Originally published on February 10, 2020 @ But he tries to keep it inside, too... but the cracks start to show when he nearly punches his wife and when he loses his cool in front of Mr. Park and curses at other drivers. As it was, I had to force myself to stay with my date as the urge to leave kept waving over me. and join one of thousands of communities. His post was well thought out and enjoyable to read, regardless of his original inspiration in writing it. But movies that revolve around politics really bore me. Still a very good movie, but a different one to the one I was already enjoying. He sneaks out of the house by the skin of his toes, and travels barefoot through torrential rain from the height of luxury he may never enjoy again to the literal bottom of society, only to find that his home is not only flooded, but drowning in sewage. And the Park family aren't bad guys. Kim Ki-taek is a full character, and his motivation for that moment begins well before hand, based on the concept of "crossing the line". Overrated movie,are the oscars about politics or about movies nowdays,i just don’t know anymore. This is one insult too many, and while overwhelmed by the circumstances and powerless to do much of anything, he expresses his frustration, grief, and self-actualization through violence. Everyone is just a person, which is an important distinction to make. Could they have tried to check international references or do some google-fu to really vet their newest employees, yes. His wife is a servant, there to cook and clean at a moment's notice without question. Kim tries to point out the foolishness of the situation and is told that he's getting overtime pay rates, and to shut up. [–]its2ce[S] 3 points4 points5 points 10 months ago (1 child). Got everyone a job when they could have stopped once Kim Ki-taek was hired? [–]its2ce[S] 7 points8 points9 points 10 months ago (0 children), [–]WhovianForever 11 points12 points13 points 10 months ago (2 children). If Parasite wins Best Picture, might as well put sticks of bubble gum in next year's envelopes. Weird bad overacting, overhyped, cheesy and predictable story. But it isn't out of left field and it wasn't a plot device to say "kill rich people". More subtly, because he's a good driver and knows his way around Seoul like the back of his hand, he definitely drove a lot in his past; so he either worked as a driver or/and owned a car himself -- but he can't afford one anymore, never mind one that's new enough to have the latest hi-tech gadgetry. I see the immoral actions of the Kim family to be a critique on social divide, but remember that they aren't to good guys. This globally successful blockbuster proves that the entire world is hungry for a clever critique of social issues, especially surrounding the class … His son is almost in the best position, being allowed more humanity than the rest of the family by virtue of being the love interest of a teenage girl (a plot point that gave me pause due to its statutory faux-pas). The film makes you play a guessing game of which of the two families are the most rotten. It is basically a Korean take on the Japanese movie "shoplifters", that tries so hard for satire with exagerated characters, scenes and plot lines. Parasite is the most overrated Oscar winner of all time and apparently nobody is allowed to discuss the flaws, plot holes, and very problematic subtext without being harassed. I am Asian. They paid for services, and again outside of the therapy received them. Your short attention span does not invalidate his post. The decisions made sense, the ambiguity reflected the messy world we inhabit, and neither the rich nor the poor were portrayed as too smart or stupid for their position in society. Sometimes, though, Parasite feels like the work of a boy auteur, burning an ant with his magnifying glass. A woman commits murder, and the victim assaulted her cousin. Post it on /r/TrueFilm. We may disagree on some things, but I'm not one to take away someone's opinion, rather I'm trying to understand. The first hours of Parasite is a whirlwind of fun, fascinating, and engaging ideas. share. And now he is at the party, being told to act like a savage native to be killed by a child. 'King Kong’ at 15: The Horror of Peter Jackson’s Big Budget Monster Movie, Stand By Me is such an amazing and heartfelt film, British actress Naomi Ackie to play Whitney Houston in film biopic. The insult is not one of his actions or decisions, but just his station in life. No es de sorprender que esté tan sobrevalorada por la crítica, porque la crítica ha evolucionado para mal, ahora son más doble-moral que nunca, estigmatizan unas películas y sobrevaloran otras. As far as the criminal hero being abhorrent, if you think the point of the movie was to say "poor people good, rich people bad", I think you've put the cart before the horse. In the end I just didn’t care what happened to anyone in the movie. Based on the previews (or what little I found before the movie), I expected this to be about an actual parasite or creature as opposed to the analogy that the poor family is the parasite on the rich family. [–]LEJ5512 13 points14 points15 points 10 months ago (0 children). [–]quirkus23 0 points1 point2 points 10 months ago (0 children). Thank you ! [–]Jzahck 8 points9 points10 points 10 months ago (0 children). Are you seriously going to belittle someone for posting a well thought out rebuttal to common criticisms of a movie they enjoyed? Imagine your boss not only saying that you stink (foreshadowed brilliantly by Park Da-song's noticing the shared smell of the Kim family), but that your stench is an affront to him, bordering on grounds to be fired. From this position, he and all of his family members are called in to serve at the pleasure of the rich, who know nothing of the recent tragedy and care not all about what may or may not be happening with other people. TWITTER Arguing with imdb’s user reviews is like arguing with a brick wall. ), pra mim quem mais sofreu as consequências foi o filho de apenas 5 anos que não tinha nada a ver com a história, além disso tive a impressão que muitos momentos só existiram pra matar tempo, como por exemplo o filho desconfiar, entender o código morse e pra que isso serviu PRA NADA, só enrolou e fez gerar expectativas. The Host 2020 brought a year of fantastic movies to the Academy of Motion Pictures, including the film “Parasite.” “Parasite” is a foreign film and the first foreign film to win Best Picture. [–]Shattered_One 0 points1 point2 points 10 months ago (0 children). They are both men, they are both people, and in the moment he speaks on honest emotion, doing what you have to for love, he is put in his place. I was hoping we would be blessed with 2 consecutive Oscar winners - Green Book and 1917- made to simultaneously entertain and enlighten audiences. Why would they dig deeper? The Host and Mother are two of my all time favorite films. [–]its2ce[S] 0 points1 point2 points 10 months ago (2 children). He is wrong to do this. And that is reinforced in some ways by her reaction to Moon-gwang's pleading. The real world is not so clear. The first thing you see in Bong Joon Ho’s “Parasite,” a thriller of extraordinary cunning and emotional force, is an upper window in a … This is a sub for movie discussion and that's what OP is doing. One minute we're watching some great tap-dancing, the next we're witnessing a mob of war-weary villagers beating an innocent woman. Immediately I got turned off by that realization, which I find to be immensely more boring. Not at all impressed. Happens every year and the reasons are usually very superficial (Mad Max, La La Land, Dunkirk, etc.). Image Result For Parasite Film Negative Review. I didn't review Parasite when it first was released. I will discuss this more later. Palme d’Or winner at the 2019 Cannes Film festival, Bong’s Parasite (Gisaengchung) does indeed thwart expectations, but the question is — to what end? A closer examination of the politics of “Parasite” and its Oscar success reveals the extremity of Western culture’s global influence and Hollywood’s domination of the film industry, and it inadvertently sets a standard for foreign countries that desire inclusion in the glamour and prestige of the Academy Awards. The post will then be hidden like this. The Host and Mother are two of my all time favorite films. Then the guy in the bunker shows up and I couldn't stop laughing 'cause it seemed like a super villain arriving suddenly in a very silly fashion. At the critique’s deep-sea bottom lies nihilism. I've seen next to nothing saying negative about this movie, and I just can't understand why. She is not so rich as to be comfortable, so she will fight to maintain her status. For leaked info about upcoming movies, twist endings, or anything else spoileresque, please use the following method: I don't know... interesting, I suppose. So yes, if you look at this moment as though is exists in the 5 seconds before and after it occurs, it might not quite make sense. A battered woman shows up to take care of a husband trying to escape death due to debts, and the family's reaction is to push them into the basement so that they may remain a step higher on the social staircase. Parasite de Bong Joon-Ho est un puzzle démoniaque, abrasif, violent, qui fait chavirer le cœur des spectateurs autant qu’il fait déjouer chaque rouage de son scénario pour faire de ses rebondissements un élément de langage qui parle autant à la fibre sociale du film qu’à son attachement pour le cinéma de genre. Parasite is a movie about illusions, which is to say, it is about class and wealth. Maybe feeding a line of bullshit about art therapy is going a bit far, but barring that they aren't especially cunning, just dedicated and willing to do what it takes. That's fair. The second hour, plus, devolves into a repetitive, rude, ignorant, and self absorbed malfunction of a movie and The first hours of Parasite is a … [–]solidstatemasterrace -1 points0 points1 point 10 months ago (6 children), the build-up is great, not so sure about the rest, [–]its2ce[S] 2 points3 points4 points 10 months ago (5 children). Even though he previously showed signs of potential violence (like when he yelled at his wife) I thought he’d be more focused on his daughter, son, and wife instead of succumbing to a tunnel vision on Park, a person who he knew a very short while. That said, this movie sucks. This did not push him over the edge. No need to disparage them. He reacts to Park Dong-ik's actions as though he, the employer, has crossed the line. As a parting note, that people spoke about it in terms of the liberal hollywood message also bothered me, because the movie is Korean. [–]Nysor 15 points16 points17 points 10 months ago (0 children). Incredibly overrated. I left it percolating. I guess the tension in my mind about this final outcome is understanding that Kim snapped- upon reflection the way Kim stumbles and seems disoriented after he commented the stabbing makes his action more believable. Yup, though I've added that Ki-taek getting beat down extended to well before the beginning of the film, too. He is told that the money he is being paid means that he is not really allowed to have an opinion, or to analyze a situation. Mother made me cry more than any movie ever has. They are not heroes, and if you believe that for a story to be commentary it should have clearly defined good guys and bad guys and complete moral clarity and never an action to muddy the waters, then we disagree. In looking through the negative reactions, I found a few themes across them that I would like to respond to, believing that they are seeing something in the movie that I did not. It is part of a character arc where a downtrodden man, one who has had quite the past day, finally loses it and crosses the line. 30 comments. The brutally graphic ending was comical, an over exaggerated blood bath mirroring the graphic ending in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (which by the way I loved). Yes, Kim was fed up, and could have blamed Park ultimately for the harm his family endured, but the stabbing seems incompatible with the care he had for his family. I think this is a great movie. The one negative review of Parasite. I see the immoral actions of the Kim family to be a critique on social divide, but remember that they aren't to good guys. I guess the whole scene doesn’t make much sense to me because Kim seems so beaten down I felt like he’d be more apt to to throw his hands up and tend to his family at that moment instead of stabbing Park.

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