Great service and a lot of seat room", Points positifs : "I got to where I needed to go." Exigences d'entréeRestrictions spéciales pendant la période de Noël : entre le 21 décembre et le 6 janvier, l'obligation de fournir la preuve d'un test COVID-19 négatif sera temporairement supprimée. Points négatifs : "Delays are always an issue", Points négatifs : "Limited seating online Made you stand in long checking line 2.50 for a cup of Nescafé", Points positifs : "They changed the flight schedule and i asked them for refund and i did not get my money back", Points positifs : "Everything was fine" Points négatifs : "Charles dGaul airport security was redundant and slow. Crew members were nice." Nothing remarkable good or bad. Points négatifs : "Confort des sièges", Points positifs : "Speed of getting to the destination", Points positifs : "Cheerful crew" Un 737 ne doit pas être si compliqué que cela à vider pourtant. Points négatifs : "I didn't like service, extremely rude and not helpful. Recherchez sur des centaines de sites et trouvez des vols pour Sicile. (CDG) ab nur Hinflug und hin und zurück. Cherchez un vol pour Sicile sur KAYAK. ", Points négatifs : "Not accusing the customer of not having a priority booking when they do, not having an hour long wait, and not accusing the customer of having a bag too big when it wasn’t. Points négatifs : "Le site est perfectible. Points négatifs : "When eventually called to the departure gate we were around an hour and a half delayed so 8.30pm rather than 7pm. They sent us a voucher for €10 for our next flight. I have never received credit for my cancellation. Points négatifs : "WILL NEVER FLY WITH THIS AIRLINE AGAIN, staff is rude and poorly trained in the customer service department, hidden fees/ 50 euros to CHECK IN!!! ", Points négatifs : "We were stuck in the security check and immigration but got to the gate 15 minutes before the flight. The was carry on friendly and I would have fit it easily into the overhead while fitting my other personal item below. For a long time I thought the flight was cancelled. I hope to never fly Volotea again. Some people had quite a few. I’m very upset", Points positifs : "Crew were good and the pilot got us there very quickly." Also, one of them was busy checking each individual carry-on bag with unnecessary extra scrutiny, only to provide customers to the second agent, which was taking the payments for extra bags. This is likely because airline only has Kiwi contact info and never reached to us. If you are flying business with no luggage it's ok." Points négatifs : "See above", Points positifs : "The crew amazing" No food or water provided unless paid for. There is a degree of unfairness with these impromptu and extra charges. Points négatifs : "Having more entertaiment", Points positifs : "On time" ", Points positifs : "On time" bumpy lots of turbulence I know that's not the airlines fault but you asked what I didn't like. Points négatifs : "Norwegian nickle and dimes everything seats, foods, luggage entertainment non existent", Points positifs : "Confort .ponctuel" Fine. The service was all round horrible", Points positifs : "Cheap" Si vous pouvez vous permettre un peu de spontanéité, faites votre recherche avec des dates flexibles. Not a big deal, but someone explaining which queue to those at the back would have been helpful", Points positifs : "Le vol s'est bien déroulé" Calling them didn't help as the call center has no ability to change anything on your booking. ", Points positifs : "I was stranded in Budapest due to weather and was thrilled to find this flight for same day travel, a few hours later and have a decent price!" No toilets once you enter the corridor to go to gate. Not a huge deal. For a long time I thought the flight was cancelled. It is necessary to take a. Vol Paris Catane Réserver un vol à destination de la Sicile à petit prix sur la compagnie de votre choix Billet avion Paris (PAR) - Catane (CTA) *** (A/R) à partir de 70 € / pers. Seats horrible. ", Points positifs : "Accueil, personne souriant, dommage ne parle pas français ! Points négatifs : "They took me and my wife's carry on, that we had already stored in the over head cabins on 3 flights before this one and told me it was to big. It did take the edge off flying into this particular terminal in Heathrow. Points négatifs : "Leaving on time (we were an hour late because of a discrepancy between number of passengers checked and number on board.) pour moi c'est fini, une compagnie qui réduit les couts je peux comprendre, une compagnie qui n'aide pas ses clients est une honte, surtout en rejetant la faute sur vous. Points négatifs : "LONG lines to check bags at the Malta airport. Points négatifs : "No entertainment and seats are small", Points négatifs : "Make sure to get to the airport early if leaving from Prague. I am a gold & platinum traveler, due to millions of mileage flown for over 40 years. Par contre bonne info du pilote qui nous l’a signalé. ", Points négatifs : "long time wating in bus to get plane", Points positifs : "The staff - friendly, polite,, helpful and a nice uniform! Our plane hadn't even landed. Temps de vol respecté. Clean plane." Quick flight, well managed. ", Points négatifs : "I did'' that we have to pay for have water to drink ! Avion sale et vétuste. Could not make out most of what staff said including why there was an hour's delay and safety procedures. The flight was ok" This dispute the plane having full sized overhead bins that easily accommodated the bags. Nourriture très moyenne, voire médiocre. La haute saison est en novembre et décembre, et janvier est le mois le moins cher pour partir pour Sicile. Points négatifs : "Flight was cancelled 6 months ago and I still have not received my refund. Points négatifs : "The flight was supposed to take off at 1555 hours and didn't take off until 0030 after midnight. ", Points négatifs : "Etre a l'heure dans au moins un des sens", Points négatifs : "Limited seating online Made you stand in long checking line 2.50 for a cup of Nescafé", Points positifs : "Le personnel oui sympathique", Points positifs : "Départ à l'heure" ", Points négatifs : "Will never fly them again", Points négatifs : "3 h de retard peu d'informations", Points négatifs : "Missed our connection they did not accommodate at all Wanted to sell us another flight the next day My brother made the flight and him and his girlfriend had to pay 140 euros for carry on and boarding pass THEIR LOW PRICES ARE A SCAM BAIT SND SWITCH", Points positifs : "Ponctualité et services de cabine" ", Points positifs : "Low cost" Eventually we heard our plane arrive at the gate. Boarding took forever long long queues at Lisbon but security was surprisingly fast. Points négatifs : "Not even complimentary tap water offered. We payed then she said nothing and angrily told us to speak to customer services and get out of the que as there were more other ppl in line. Points négatifs : "Seats aren't designed to let you sleep (leaning your head back gives a cricked neck as there's no cushion or proper headrest), and the seats are a little cramped. J’arrive donc en avance à El Prat, pour m’entendre dire que je dois régler 55€ en CB afin de pouvoir procéder à l’enregistrement. The plane was a small so this meant little leg room - just about okay as a short flight. I couldn't understand a word of the English announcements each time we hit turbulence. Food was not good at all! Airlines with flights to Sicily listed at Skyscanner. I emailed and got no response. Les voyageurs qui ont transité ou séjourné en Arménie, au Bahreïn, au Bangladesh, en Bosnie-Herzégovine, au Brésil, au Chili, au Koweït, en Macédoine du Nord, en Moldavie, à Oman, au Panama, au Pérou et en République Dominicaine ne sont pas admis en Italie, sauf les citoyens italiens/européens/de l'espace Schengen et les membres de leurs familles ainsi que les détenteurs d'un permis de séjour. We were kept in the departure gate for 7 hours without a proper explanation in English. Didn't seem very hygienic. Imagine, running out of wine in France! Points négatifs : "Rafraîchissements gratuits et non payants", Points positifs : "Le service à bord, les membres d'équipage, la flotte: nouveau Boeing avec nouvel éclairage et compartiment à bagages, magazine Transavia à jour, embarquement rapide, vol à l'avance, annonces du suivi du vol, TOP ! ", Points négatifs : "Better updates required both before and during the flight The food service took so long to get through the cabin that the middle seats did not get served warm food and very nearly didn't even get the chance to buy crisps or drinks They ran out of many of the foods on the menu", Points positifs : "Speech from the pilot. So they charged me 120 Euros extra for nothing and only did this once they saw my American Passport. Les voyageurs arrivant de ce groupe de pays devront remplir un formulaire d'auto-déclaration précisant la raison d'entrer/revenir en Italie et sont soumis à une période d'isolement de 14 jours. ", Points positifs : "On time and very well organized" Take off and landing were both nice." Go somewhere else", Points positifs : "The security process at the airport was the best and fastest I have had. I was a soft target and whilst I had no problem with the flight and the service provided, I will not recommend @wizzair. Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed, planes are old, no entertainment and boarding process was unorganized", Points négatifs : "Due to delays we missed our flight. ", Points positifs : "It was a quick flight." Points négatifs : "Les 2 steward qui fessaient plus de bruit que le moteur pendant plus de 2 heures, un grand momemt de théâtre !!! Le service client est uniquement la pour s'excuser, c'est bien les excuses, ca coute pas chère, mais les solutions elles vous pouvez toujours courir. At the end, the crow didn't even call us to inform we were boarding, we had to come at the gate regularly to see the changes. ", Points positifs : "Crew were funny" Wait in airport no seats then stand in a hot bus move to a hot plane and pay 2.50 for water long after flight started . ", Points positifs : "The flight itself was quite quick and the staff on board were very nice" Not a huge deal. Points négatifs : "There was zero communication from Volotea over 12 hours of being stuck when a flight was delayed. Sélectionnez jusqu'à 3 aéroports de départ, Saisissez un emplacement pour afficher les aéroports à proximité, Sélectionnez jusqu'à 3 aéroports d'arrivée, Sélectionnez un aéroport dans le champ de recherche, 0 bébé/siège (moins de 2 ans) sélectionné, 0 bébé/genoux (moins de 2 ans) sélectionné. He hasn’t heard from the company!!! Very cramped seats. Really disappointing and they are not that cheap as they think. I told them I wanted to cancel my earlier flight and preferred a refund instead. ", Points positifs : "Nothing. The geographic midpoint between Sicily and Paris is in 501.82 mi (807.60 km) distance between both points in a bearing of 325.99°. Points négatifs : "The delay in the flight, a mess at the time of boarding the plane, just terrible! ", Points positifs : "Delay in boarding for no explained reason", Points positifs : "Quick flight, great take off and smooth landing", Points positifs : "Easy flight conditions" After we paid She looked at the bags as if she knew she was wrong as they were so small it really didn't justify that amount of money. D'autres personnes avaient plein de sacs en plastique et elles ont pu monter à bord avec. ", Points positifs : "On time" ", Points positifs : "Even though the airplane was packed, I didn't feel crowded." I paid for a seat but was given a seat at the back. Web site just says check bags start at 15 euro, actual price was over 50 euro. Meeting planner for Bali and New York, New York. We asked if she could make an exception due to our issues with transportation or if she was able to help us rebook a flight and she said no. Tous les voyageurs étrangers doivent remplir un formulaire et le présenter aux autorités à leur arrivée.Les voyageurs en provenance de Belgique, de France, des Pays-Bas, de Tchéquie, d'Espagne, du Royaume-Uni et d'Irlande du Nord doivent présenter un résultat de test antigénique ou moléculaire négatif au COVID-19 délivré dans les 48 heures précédant leur arrivée en Italie. First time traveling to Europe so, I guess that's a part of the learning curve. Just told us to WhatsApp Transavia. Although I recall reading that it will cost if you check in the airport- so most likely my error. ", Points positifs : "Cheap ticket" Transavia France a supprimé ses frais de modification et d’annulation pour les vols Paris-Sicile. I am a Special Assistance traveller and due to the delay I had a very very long and late journey back home. C’est inacceptable et honteux de votre part! Die Anfangspeilung auf dem Kurs von New-York nach Bali beträgt 343,28° und die Kompassrichtung ist NNW. En dépit de nos demandes d’augmenration de la température en cabine et d’avoir au moins une couverture la température a été maintenue froide. Points négatifs : "Everything. Vols à petits prix : réservez votre billet d'avion pour l'Italie dès 25€ TTC ", Points positifs : "Les annonces du pilote, l'atmosphère général de la nouvelle cabine Boeing" ", Points positifs : "Boarding was like any other boarding, it went fine, but then we had to sit on runway for about 30 minutes or so. Points négatifs : "The staff took ages boarding us because they were obsessed with trying to scalp people for exceeding baggage limits. ", Points négatifs : "Why make you board the plane and then tell you there is a 45 minute delay", Points positifs : "Tout s'est très bien déroulé pour nous =)" Tout est fait pour gonfler la facture Une véritable bétaillère : première et dernière fois !!! Salad smelled moldy. Les voyageurs arrivant d'Australie, du Canada, de Géorgie, du Japon, de Nouvelle-Zélande, de Roumanie, du Rwanda, de Corée du Sud, de Thaïlande, de Tunisie et d'Uruguay sont soumis à une quarantaine de 14 jours.Les voyageurs en provenance de pays qui ne sont pas énumérés ci-dessus peuvent uniquement entrer en Italie pour des raisons spécifiques (comme pour des raisons professionnelles, sanitaires ou étudiantes ou pour une urgence absolue, revenir à domicile) et non pour le tourisme. We waited. Phone can’t be reached. They told us they would provide money for food, and the money they provided was only 4.5 euro, not enough to get a bag of chips. We were given a voucher to use at the snack counter for 10 euros per person, but when we got to the counter there was no food or wine left. ", Points négatifs : "Waited to board for 1 hour- no seat assignments- price to pay for checked baggage increases by the hour as your departure nears. Constant running up and down aisle trying to sort out and sandwiches. But being the NEO 320 the seat was extremely comfortable and for someone who doesn't sleep on flights I nearly nodded off a few times. The check in was not smooth and we have to wait a couple of times. Choisissez simplementun point de départ et une destination sur la carteet faites calculer la durée et le trajet de votre vol Plus de consignes et de communication en français. Cancellation was accepted but took some effort to do it. They won’t cover for hotel either. ", Points positifs : "Plane on time, new plane, nice crew." ", Points positifs : "Crew good and flight on time" Grâce à plus de 2 milliards de recherches traitées chaque année, nous pouvons afficher une grande variété de prix et d’options sur les vols pour Sicile. Points négatifs : "Very hard on baggage policy", Points positifs : "The people are very rude no cooperation" Also they said I had no checked baggage allowance and was charged an additional €150 !!!!" There was no supervisor to talk to and no where to file complaints. Book direct at the official website to guarantee that you get the best prices on Ryanair's cheap flights. Points négatifs : "Boarding and disembarking were poor", Points positifs : "Overall good experience. Delayed over an hour. IT : il y a 2 515 cas actifs de COVID-19 diagnostiqués et 767 décès en date du 14 déc. Points négatifs : "Food", Points positifs : "nothing" ", Points positifs : "The cabin crew don't know their job and don't care about security! ", Points négatifs : "When I went to check in an hour before my flight, Wizz charged me and many other passengers an unexpected 40 euro fee. Les gouvernements régionaux d'Italie peuvent également imposer des restrictions aux voyageurs de certains pays étrangers, et les voyageurs ayant l'intention de voyager ou de revenir en Italie sont invités à vérifier si de nouvelles dispositions ont été introduites par leur région de destination.Exigences spécifiques de quarantaineLes voyageurs arrivant de pays européens (à l'exception de la Belgique, de la France, des Pays-Bas, de la Tchéquie, de l'Espagne, du Royaume-Uni et de l'Irlande du Nord), de l'espace Schengen, d'Andorre, de Monaco, de Saint-Marin et de la Cité du Vatican peuvent entrer dans le pays sans devoir justifier leurs raisons de voyage et sans devoir s'isoler. ", Points positifs : "Overall experience was good. ", Points positifs : "The flight was overbooked so they took my wife of the flight", Points positifs : "Nothing really" ", Points positifs : "It was a very nice, standard flight. Cependant, les voyageurs doivent toujours remplir un formulaire d'auto-déclaration pendant cette période pour entrer en Italie. ", Points positifs : "Flight was on time" NEVER AGAIN WILL I FLY TRANSAVIA, or any airline that has "Sky Serv" as it's ground handlers!!!! The Flights Attendents we unfriendly and inpatient." Check-in was fairly quick and incident-free, despite some of the other passengers reporting problems with the procedures and the staff. Points négatifs : "Ryanair ... Quelle déception ... Voilà 5 jours que je tente en vain de faire le check in de mon vol retour (celui du vol aller ayant été fait en ligne) et que je ne peux pas accéder a la moindre carte d’embarquement. Points négatifs : "Pas 4h30 de retard", Points négatifs : "On aurait pu être à l heure", Points négatifs : "Encore du retard avec cette compagnie", Points positifs : "On se sent en sécurité. Points négatifs : "Check in started at 9:05 and boarding was at 9:25, we arrived at the airport (which has 1 gate) at 9:10. KAYAK parcourt des centaines de sites et vous aide à dénicher un billet pas cher et à trouver le vol qu’il vous faut. No queues. It's ridiculous! Decent price Nice crew Left a little late but still managed to arrive 15 minutes early on a one hour flight." Points négatifs : "Food and no entertainment, crew was not consequent with safety rules. We tried to change them at the airport, and after being sent to 2 different ticket counters, we ended up paying an additional $420 to get the flights we needed. Points négatifs : "Every time the same problems. Points négatifs : "The sandwiches looked cold and tasteless. ", Points positifs : "Flight was ok once we finally got on the plane. Vol impeccable, sans surprise." Neither airline ground personnel nor airport staff", Points positifs : "The flight was on time." Points négatifs : "The "snack" was a very unappealing tuna sandwich which was basically an empty bun, but no one is on that flight for the food anyway. ", Points positifs : "I liked that we were not late and that the late coming priority guests were told to pay attention next time. Trouvez les vols les moins chers en quelques secondes, recherchez des destinations sur une carte et inscrivez-vous pour recevoir des alertes de prix sur Google Flights. Points négatifs : "Les sièges sont trop vétuste. Les voyageurs souhaitant visiter la Sardaigne, la Sicile, les Pouilles ou la Calabre doivent s'enregistrer sur leurs sites Internet avant leur arrivée et se conformer à la réglementation relative aux voyages. ", Points positifs : "Quick and convenient" Oh yeah, and I ended up paying extra for my bags that were exactly the same as my husbands but he was not up charged. Points négatifs : "Juste un petit sandwich comme repas", Points positifs : "Excellent service and a delightful crew. I’m pissed at your holier than thou attitude. Points négatifs : "Layers", Points positifs : "Friendly staff members" I have never received credit for my cancellation. Much less than minimum leg room required for any normal human. Le billet d’avion le moins cher trouvé pour cet itinéraire dans les dernières 72 heures est à 4 €. From sub par USA style security lines to delays, poor boarding.... Gong show." Points négatifs : "Seats aren't designed to let you sleep (leaning your head back gives a cricked neck as there's no cushion or proper headrest), and the seats are a little cramped. The seats cannot be moved back. Paris - Palerme est l’itinéraire le plus populaire avec un temps de vol moyen de 5h 00min. The fastest way to find the cheapest low cost airline prices. Thanks", Points positifs : "The flight itself was fine. There is no information in my flight confirmation from, which i purchased on kayak, indiciating that such a fee would be charged. Points négatifs : "Short flight, no food or entertainment", Points positifs : "the plane were very old and we felt scared since there was turbulence and the plane showed an unsafe one...", Points négatifs : "There was no airline or flight by his name . But all in all the service was fine. Sur place! Réservez des vols pas chers pour Sicile : Recherchez et comparez les tarifs aériens sur Tripadvisor et trouvez les meilleurs vols pour votre voyage à Sicile. Poor customer service. ", Points positifs : "In résumé everything is cool. Book your flight & enjoy premium experience with Luxair: all taxes, baggage and service included. They would not give me a cup of water and said i had to buy a bottle. La nourriture est chère mais cest comme ca dans les aéroports. Points négatifs : "U have to pay for water", Points positifs : "It landed eventually, crew were friendly" Then when we were boarding, both of our seats were taken - the flight attendant said "Welcome to Italy". I missed meeting with my family. Selon les recherches de vols KAYAK, la destination la plus populaire est Palerme (51% du total des recherches pour Sicile). Points négatifs : "There was zero communication from Volotea over 12 hours of being stuck when a flight was delayed. Kayak ne devrait pas référencer des ires aussi peu sérieux, c'est dommage pour sa notoriété...", Points négatifs : "I went up to the check in desk 4 hours prior check since this was a connecting flight.I asked the employee when can I check in,she told me 1 and a half hour prior boarding,when I walked back the same person told me I have to pay 35 euros for not checking in online.I told her that I have been flying for about 20 years but I have never been charged for checking in at the airport and I also told her she should have told me when I asked her hours before.She just ignored me and gave me a shitty attitude at the Frankfurt airport.I was expecting a professional costumer service,like that I'm being used to by other airlines,but it was a total disappointment. ", Points négatifs : "We arrived at the airport two hours before the flight and were told we had to pay 30 euro/person (120 euro total) for boarding passes. ", Points négatifs : "Transavia delayed 1:30h the flight. Partir le matin est en moyenne 11% moins cher que de partir le soir*. When they finally realized they could not repair the plane, they put everyone on another plane. ", Points négatifs : "The crew can be nicer", Points positifs : "The flight was smooth." Mais ce n’est pas la faute de Ryanair mais du constructeur Boeing. Air Malta I have a message to you. Points négatifs : "Extra charges. Points négatifs : "Extremely small and uncomfortable seats even for a small person. Le prix affiché pour chaque vol correspondra au prix moyen par passager, y compris les enfants. I was offered food and beverage, without knowing these were not free. Book Cheap Flights to Sicily: Search and compare airfares on Tripadvisor to find the best flights for your trip to Sicily. ", Points négatifs : "Never announced for non-priority boarding, so many people were late to flight, causing delays. Then they made me pay 120 Euros and asked me to take the bag out to the plane. If we want a water after heat stroke it's 2.50", Points négatifs : "I booked an afternoon flight on Volta. Good value for money." Au cours des 72 dernières heures, le billet d’avion le moins cher pour Sicile depuis la France coûtait 8 € pour un aller simple et 44 € pour un aller-retour.

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